1. A few nights ago I was shopping on my iPhone. What is annoying is that this device that man-kind created so we could communicate from far away distances, now gives me the capability to impulse buy things on the internet. I’m a huge fan of Fab.com and if you haven’t checked it out, you should click here. If you love good design and a good deal, this will change your life. Maybe that is an overstatement, but you will definitely love it!

    So, as I was shopping, I came across this great poster that I really didn’t need but for some reason, it made me think about life and so I clicked buy. Thank you saved credit card information and one-click shopping. This poster just arrived today and when I realized it was titled “Holstee Manifesto” I quickly wondered what I had actually just purchased. For me, a manifesto is something that a company or group of people believe in. Though the words on the poster were words I can definitely believe in, I wanted to make sure I hadn’t just purchased some crazy group’s motto.

    So I went to Holstee.com and clicked through to their about page (I then found out that the description on Fab.com also explained what Holstee is, but I’m glad I went straight to the source). It was there that I stumbled upon this video. I’m always a sucker for a good video with dramatic music and a positive message so I immediately fell in love. The words in the video are the same words on my poster which I am excited to hang up because I fully agree with these words. 

    One part of the manifesto reads: Ask the next person you see what their passion is. Share your inspiring dream with them.

    I realized that I have bits and pieces of the dream of what I want in life and what I want it to become and what I want to be remembered for, but I haven’t yet fully realized my dream and it’s potential. This scares me. I plan to write a blog post about starting the process to figure out what my dream is and I’ll be posting that later. 

    But for now: Life is short. Live your dream. And share your passion.


  2. scent.

    There is something quite interesting about scents and memory and feeling. The smell of freshly cut grass brings back memories of playing the yard and the scent of ground coffee brings me back to my first job in a coffee shop. Scents can remind us of many things, but also they can make us feel new things. 

    I was out at a lounge this week with some friends and I started chatting with someone about the hand soap they have in the bathrooms. Now first you have to understand, this isn’t your typical bar lounge where the cheapest soap that actually smells worse than not washing your hands at all. No this is a pretty trendy place, hence the wonderful soap. 

    She and I were madly in love with this scent, while everyone else at the table looked at us as if we were a little messed up in the head. It wasn’t so much that this soap brought back memories, but that it instantly made me happy. Not just happy to have clean hands, but happy in some soothing and relaxed way. Now she and I can’t be the only ones that go crazy for this soap because the management had to install a device that doesn’t allow you to steal the bottle of soap. Really, it’s that good.

    Maybe you think I’m crazy, but I am so in love with scents. Now obviously I’m not in love with extremely putrid smells, but of course I am captivated by the scents of nice things.

    Currently I am in love with three scents right now:

    Malin + Goetz Rum Hand Wash


    Thymes Frasier Fir Candle


    Chanel Bleu de Chanel